IFrame Problems and Solution

I want to share a solution with a problem of mine. I was told our client portal login page does not let the users in. So I’ve started digging. First I’ve checked my self to confirm the username and passwords are correct. After that try to reproduce the problem my local environment. To achieve that I’ve created an html page with just an iframe tag and my local version of client portal. When I’ve tried to log in and failed.

After this I’ve debugged line by line and realised that the code send the user to an another page and loose all the session information like clientId. I’ve googled the problem I’ve found that the solution should be in IIS. I’ve tried couple of different thing from stack overflow but none of them worked.

After some time I’ve realised my project is .net framework 4.6.1 and those solutions does not work with this version. I’ve upgraded the version to 4.7.2 and add the web.config file cookieSameSite key and voila it worked.

You can find the solution here

Also there is a documentation here to know more about sameSite


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